Calcium Propionate - Dovative Pion




Calcium propionate is the calcium salt of propionic acid that is commonly used as a food preservative in bread, other baked goods, processed meat, whey, and other dairy products. It can extend the shelf life of food and feed products by interfering with the growth of microorganisms such as mold and bacteria. It is also used in agriculture as a food supplement and to prevent milk fever in a cow. Milk fever is a calcium deficiency disease that commonly occurs after calving. This will have an impact on decreasing milk production, reproductive performance, and others.




Calcium Propionate is approved for use by YANG and FAO for safe food and use in feed acid- based preservatives. Under acidic conditions, so that free acid has an antibacterial effect. Calcium Propionate can be absorbed through metabolism and supply the necessary calcium for humans and animals, this advantage cannot be compared with other fungicides.



Calcium propionate has a white powder appearance with assay 98 – 100 %. These manufacturing properties can be explained below:

Parameter Spesification
Chemical Formula C6H10CaO4
Molecular Weight 186,22 g/mol
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point, °C 382 - 384
pH 7 – 9 at 100 g/L air at 30oC
Loss on Drying  (max) 9,5 % (105oC, 2hours)
Assay (min) 98 %



25 Kgs in HDPE FFS Bags.



  1. Calcium Propionate causes serious eye damage, respiratory irritation, avoid breathing dust, use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Wear eye protection/ face protection.
  2. If inhaled, remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. Call a doctor if you feel unwell.
  3. If contact with eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
  4. For storage matter, it is recommended that Calcium Propionate be used one years after the date of manufacturing.
  5. To obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or a Handling Guide for Calcium Propionate, please contact us by telephone or send your request via email at



Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area and keep away from sunshine and direct heat. Hygroscopic.



Calcium Propionate is a safe and reliable food and feed additives

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Food industry

  1. Can be used to extend the shelf life of bread to be longer. It works by interfering with the growth and reproduction of mold and others microorganisms. Other advantages using calcium propionate is no impact on taste and flavor and harmless to human health.
  2. Can be used as adhesive, moisturizing and clarifying agent, filling agent, emulsifier, polishing agent and thickening stabilizer in the food industry; As a functional oligosaccharide, it can reduce cholesterol, enhance the body's immunity, enhance disease resistance and infection resistance, especially strong anti-tumor effect. Due to rich and high resources
  3. Can be used in vegetables, meat products, seafood, starch, soybeans, eggs, dairy and peanut products. After selecting fruits and vegetables, due to physiological influence their maturity will soften, leading to a decrease in hardness which brings difficulties for transportation, quality and nutritional value decrease and resistance to bacteria is also weakened.


Agriculture industry

Supplement and to prevent milk fever in a cows. Milk fever is a disease that occurs in cows after calving, where Ca levels in the body decrease so will impact to decreasing milk production, reproductive performance, and others. Calcium propionate provides essential calcium to mammals.