Solvent Based - Automotive



Solvent Based - Automotive product from Dover Chemical offers the specialized product solutions for your manufacturing needs. It is frequently used for a wide range of applications, especially in adhesive and coating applications. Solvent Based - Automotive for adhesive has outstanding bonding performance in plastic, styrofoam, and many other substrates. Solvent Based - Automotive for coating provides excellent durability in multi-functional surface, abrasion resistance, anti-glare, anti-static and anti scratch.



Our Solvent Based - Automotive products are the solutions of Acrylic, Alkyd and Amino resin. Its perfomance includes good water and weathering resistance, high durability and stability.



Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Store in proper warehouse.



Store in well ventilated areas, away from direct sunlight. Keep container closed when not in use.  Keep the remaining product in its metal can or drums. Storage life is in range 3-4 months (base on production date). 




Our acrylic products is an acrylic copolymer with good adhesion and hardness, good gloss and weathering resistance.


Our alkyd product is an alkyd based on soybean oil with superiority in drying time and yellowing resistance. It has excellent durability, gloss, color retention, etc. It has wide range application in the coating and ink industry.


Our amino product is mainly used for wood finishes in combination with alkyd resin or/and acrylic resin. It is designed to provide fast cure, good adhesion, good gloss, high hardness, etc. 




Solvent Based - Automotive is widely used in the adhesive industry including application for plastic, styrofoam, foam, tape, sticker, textile, etc. Our Solvent Based - Automotive product provide high bonding performance and excellent stability.

Paint and Coating

Solvent Based - Automotive is widely used in the paint and coating industry including application for interior and exterior paint, low cost paint, roof paint, metal roof paint, wood coating, etc. Our Solvent Based - Automotive product provide high durability and weathering resistance.