Hardener and Catcher



Hardener for Formaldehyde resin work as catalyst for curing/polymerization reaction. UF and MUF catalyst commonly based on acidic salt or acid itself, while alkaline chemicals for Phenolic Formaldehyde. Dovechem hardeners are available in solid powder package.


Catcher or Formaldehyde Catcher as its name has a function to reduce formaldehyde emission of panels. Formaldehyde catcher usually made from amine-based chemicals. Most formaldehyde catcher is added in glue mixing, some coated or sprayed on finished products. Dovechem produce gluemixing catchers to help you achieve lower formaldehyde emission panels.


One weakness point of formaldehyde catcher addition is longer curing time of the resin. That means longer press time and drop on production capacity, and on some cases, makes blister on panels. On that concern, we develop special hardener, to allow you produce lower formaldehyde emission panel with higher curing speed to keep your production capacity and quality.

Ask your Dover Chemical representative for the right adhesive to help you meet your performance goals in your next project.