Barecore is used as thick core sheet in blockboard panels. It come from wooden sticks that joined by adhesive in a composer machine.


Barecore could be a side products of plywood mills. The core side of logs which usually too hard to rotary lathe, sawn or sliced to be sticks. The sticks have 10 – 13 cm of thickness, glued, and compose to be a panel, with or without heating depends on the adhesive type used.


Two types of well known composer machine are cool and hot composers. Some barecore plants which choose thermoplastic adhesive to produce formaldehyde free barecores, use cool composers. The others use lower cost formaldehyde resin, need hot composers with steam heating.


Dovechem produce adhesive for both type of composers. Usual plywood formaldehyde resin mixed with hardener should be suitable to hot composers.

Ask your Dover Chemical representative for the right adhesive to help you meet your performance goals in your next project.