Tank Storage Rental



We have 127,000 KL bulk liquid terminal operator. We provide carbon steel, stainless steel, coated carbon steel and internal floating roof tanks for chemical storage or hazardous liquids. Other available services are heating, cooling, nitrogen blanketing, dry air, drum filling, and internal/external storage facilities.

100 - 1000 KL 55
1001 - 3000 KL 24
> 3000 KL 11
A 48
B 42

MS 64
MS with Internal Coating 11
MS with SUS Internal Lining 2
SUS 13
MS : Mild Steel
MS with Internal Coating : Mild Steel with Internal Coating
MS with SUS Internal Lining : Mild Steel with Stainless Used Steel Internal Lining
SUS : Stainless Used Steel / Stainless Steel
Depot A : Jalan Raya Merak KM 117
Depot B : Jalan Raya Merak KM 116