Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 1960, The Dovechem Group is one of the leading chemical group companies in Asia Pacific engaged in Distribution, Manufacturing, Terminal and Logistics for the petrochemical related industries.

PT. Dover Chemical, located in Merak, Banten, Indonesia was established as an Indonesia PMA chemical company under Dovechem Group in 1980. 


PT. Dover Chemical produces paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins (UF, MF, PF, PUF) used in the wood panel industries, such as plywood, particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and household furniture. It also produces emulsion adhesives which are used widely in many industries. Here at PT. Dover Chemical, we are continuously improving our manufacturing process and capacity to achieve greater production efficiency.


The idea of creating a bulk liquid terminal and logistic solution provider business at first begun by acknowledging our needs of product storage and movement for all materials that will be used for our manufacturing process. Based on our own requirement, we invested in the bulk liquid terminal by building tank farms, jetty, pipelines and etc.


Today, with skilled and experienced terminal operators with focus on continuous improvements in our process, we are confident of providing exceptional services in bulk liquid storage and logistics solutions to companies in Indonesia.


In 2016, it will be an exciting and significant year for us at The Dovechem Group.  After more than 50 years in chemical industry, we believe our experience combined with our continuous investment in human resources revitalization programs, growing facilities and infrastructures has prepared us for any challenging situations in the future. We prioritize our customers. We endeavor to fulfill the needs of our business associates. We insists on delivering the best products & services with competitive pricing to our customers.

Our Products List and Services

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a. Paraformaldehyde

b. Formaldehyde

c. Formaldehyde Resin

d. Emulsion Polymer

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