Employee Values

Let's hear what Rosita says about Grow

From nothing to something. Bigger, stronger and better, day by day.

Rosita works in Sales department. Grow with us !

Let's hear what Fachrein says about Helpful

Understand customer's problem and give them some advice and guidance to solve it. Being helpful is not only about give profit but also spread benefit to others. These are several values related to “helpful”: Care, Service, Cooperate, Profit & benefit, Guidance, Assistance.

Works in RnD department. May I help you ?

Let's hear what Tati says about Innovation

New idea, new technology, new research, new strategy, new product, new service to be something better

Tati works in RnD department. She has a passion for new things !

Let's hear what Yudi says about Green

Eco-Friendly product, Minimum waste, Minimum risk

Yudi works in RnD department. His specialty is eco-friendly emulsion !

Let's hear what Hugeng says about Responsible

Speak the truth
Show commitment and be accountable
Complete tasks with ethusiasm
Use information to take action

Hugeng works in Jetty department. Always with a great sense of responsibility !