ROS-12 Disinfectant

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ROS-12 Disinfectant is produced and made available to help the community in our battle against the spread of infectious diseases especially Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19).


Formulated based on established international guidelines and registered to the Indonesia Ministry of Health, ROS-12 Disinfectant aims for effectiveness for killing germs, fast availability and environmental friendliness.


ROS-12 Disinfectant is used routinely throughout Indonesia for disinfecting common areas in health institutions, government facilities, commercial facilities, schools, kitchen and restaurants, barbershops, banks, hotels and housing complexes.



Pricelist Dovechem Disinfectant (ROS-12) :

* Jerry cans packaging 20 Liter

Qty Lokasi Pengambilan Harga (per unit)
<= 10 Merak Rp. 125.000 /JRG20
<= 10 Jakarta Rp. 135.000 /JRG20
> 10 Merak / Jakarta Rp. 120.000 /JRG20

 * exc VAT 10%


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